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Ariston Chili Infused Olive oil An infusion of extra virgin olive oil and chili flavor. Just the right heat to give dishes a little fire. Can be used in a variety of dishes like sauces, shrimp, mashed potatoes, legumes, Asian and Mexican dishes, as well as brownies. Perfect with Ariston Lime Infused Olive oil to create colorful dishes. Pair with Ariston Mango Balsamic vinegar to create the perfect sweet and heat balance. Bronze Medal Award winner in 2019 at the London International Olive Oil Competition.


Olive oil: Olive Oil infused with Chili

Olive variety: Koroneiki olives

Source/Region: Greece

Ariston Chili Infused Olive Oil 250 ml

  • Food Pairings/ Use: This olive oil is incredible not only as a dipping oil with your favorite fresh baked artisan bread, but any recipe that calls for olive oil with a little bit of heat! Makes great croutons and popcorn as well!

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