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This Extra virgin olive oil is made in limited quantities according to the harvest each year from this unique olive.

Each year the olive harvest is an exciting time and the culmination of the previous year’s efforts to produce the very best extra virgin olive oil our region has to offer. During the analysis process of the this extra virgin olive oil, we also analyzed the leaves from the olive trees and came to the discovery that the olives used to make this Ariston Extra Virgin Olive oil were a cross between Koroneiki olives and Myrtolia olives indicating correspondence between the Extra Virgin olive oil produced and the fields of origin.

Why is this olive oil unique?
The combination of the Koroneiki olive and the Myrtolia contribute the variety of aromas you will find in this oil. We first uncover the dominate aroma of freshly cut grass, artichokes, and greens that are attributed to the Koroneiki olive followed by herbs and spices.

Ariston Extra Virgin Olive Oil Limited Edition 350 ml

  • Type of oil:: Extra Virgin Olive Oil cold-pressed,first-pressed
    Variety: Koroneiki, Myrtolia
    Origin/Region: Messinia region, Greece

    • ACIDITY : 0.2 %- 0.4
    • Keeping: Keep in dark and cool place 
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