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Ariston extra virgin olive oil infused with Gold flakes is obtained from olives harvested from historic olive plantations in the Messinia region, it is produced primarily by the cold extraction method, at low temperatures, with very careful monitoring of the conditions of hygiene. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used at any stage of production. Produced entirely from the Koroneiki variety of olives, the oil has a superb fruity aroma and extremely low in acidity between 0.2% and 0.4%,resulting in an extremely advanced oil quality.


 The innovation, consisting in the use of edible gold, actually continues a long tradition that extends to the ancient Egyptian society, where it is known that gold possesses legendary powers, which contribute to a long and full of vitality. But, Ariston’s reasons for producing a olive oil infused with gold flakes were more “earthly”: that he wants to emphasize the fact that a drop of olive oil is “liquid gold” and that in this way he wanted to highlight the premium quality of Ariston olive oil.


We are happy to announce that our Ariston Extra Virgin Olive oil with Gold flakes has won the Gold award at the Dubai International Taste Awards 2024

Ariston Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

  • Type of oil:: Extra Virgin Olive Oil cold-pressed,first-pressed
    Variety:Made from 100% Koroneiki variety
    Origin/Region: Messinia region, Greece

    • ACIDITY : 0,2 %- 0,4 %
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