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Ariston Lemon Infused Olive OilAn infusion of extra virgin olive oil and lemon flavor.

This infusion complements chicken, fish, pork, and steamed vegetables. Use in cakes and frostings to add a fresh lemon flavor. Pairs well with all of our fruity Ariston Balsamic Vinegars.

Silver Medal Award winner in 2021 by the Taste Olymp Award Competition Ariston 


Oil type: Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Lemon

Olive type: Koreneiki

Source/ Region: Kalamata Region of Greece

Food Pairings/ Use: Pairs well with salads, other citrus flavors, fish, chicken, pork, drizzle over red meats, vegetables, roasted vegetables, feta cheese, as well as baking i.e Lemon muffins, healthy substitute for cakes which require butter and lemon. Add with Chili Infused Olive oil for extra zing in your recipes.

Ariston Lemon Infused Olive Oil 250ml

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