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Ariston Orange Infused Olive oil An infusion of extra virgin olive oil and fresh oranges. Perfect for poultry, pork, cakes, and your Christmas cookies! Pairs well with Ariston Cranberry Balsamic Vinegar for the perfect Autumn/Winter Salad!


 Silver Medal Award winner in 2019 at the Taste Olymp Award Competition.   


Orange Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oil type: Koroneiki

Source/Region: Messinia Region of Greece

Flavor Profile: Smooth, well rounded olive-fruit taste with buttery finish. No acidic aftertaste. This oil is exceptionally low in acidity (0.2% to 0.4%), resulting in a high quality premium olive oil.

Food Pairings/ Use: Pairs well with salads, other citrus flavors, fish, chicken, pork, drizzle over red meats, vegetables, roasted vegetables, feta cheese, as well as baking (i.e. Orange Olive Oil Cake, Orange Muffins, cookies, brownies, etc.)


Ariston Orange Olive Oil 250ml

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