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Luxurious and artisanal, these clean crystal grains of 100% natural sea salt add spice and texture; Smoked in beechwood (140 h.); grind this coarse salt over food as a finishing salt or at the end of cooking.


NATURAL ARTISAN SALTS: 100% Natural sea salt from the salinas of Messolonghi in Greece; no chemical additives; salt purity from the abundant natural habitat rich in wildlife and calm waters.


GOURMET USES: Blend the perfect marinade; gently grind the coarse salt over pasta, meat, fish, chicken, or vegetables; ideal for creative cooks who love to experiment 100% NATURAL SEA.


SALT FLAKES: Choose pure salt as a healthy alternative; salt helps your body meet its sodium needs; the crunchy texture and pure, clean taste will enhance your favorite food dishes.

Ariston Smoked Sea Salt 190g

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